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Stamp Act Notifications

Sr.No Subject Date
1 Notification - Govt. of the Punjab, Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department 22.04.2020
2 Levy of Stamp Duty on Lease Agreement 14.02.2018
3 Levy of Stamp Duty on an Instrument Falling in the Category of Lease Under Article 35 and Conveyance Under Article 23 of Schedule-1 of the Stamp Act, 1899 29.01.2018
4 Generation of Challan 32-A for Deficient Stamp Duty, CVT/Registration Fee of Old Registry through E-Stamping 06.10.2017
5 Amendment in Stamp Act 1899 vide Finance Act 2017 16.06.2017
6 Delisting of E-Stamps from the E-Stamping System and Annexation of Original Challan 32-A with Photocopy of the Registered Deed Maintained in the Office of Sub-Registrar 18.08.2017
7 Levy of Stamp Duty on Rent/Lease Agreement 06.09.2017
8 Levy of Stamp on Instruments of Contract 11.08.2017
9 Incorporation of private Housing & Co-Operative Societies, Real Estate Developers Housing Schemes Under Development Authorities & Statutory Bodies in Valuation Tables 09.10.2017
10 Non-Chargeability of Stamp Duty/CVT on Internal Transfers Made by the Housing Society/Towns Falling in District Rawalpindi 12.06.2017
11 Classification of Immoveable Properties in the Valuation Tables 13.09.2017
12 Annexation of Copy Challan 32-A with Stamp Papers 06.05.2016
13 Signing of 32-A Challan Forms 30.06.2015
14 Annexation of Copy Challan 32-A with Stamp Papers 09.02.2015
15 Punjab Stamp Valuation Table in Respect of Urban Land Rules 17.11.1999
16 Amendment in Punjab Stamp Valuation Tables in Respect of Urban Land Rules, 1999 24.12.1999
17 Amendment in Punjab Stamp Valuation Tables in Respect of Urban Land Rules, 1999 20.08.2005
18 Amendment in Punjab Stamp Valuation Tables in Respect of Urban Land Rules, 1999 22.07.2010
19 Deposit of Deficiency of Stamp Duty by Registration Officers through Treasury Challans 05.07.1995
20 Stamp Duty on Mortgage with Banking Companies 10.01.2004
21 Stamp Duty in Favor Banking Companies 31.12.1984
22 Exemption of Stump Duty in Favor of Banking Companies 31.12.1984
23 Stamp Duty (House Building Finance Corporation) 23.11.1985
24 Payment of Stamp Duty on House Building Finance Corporation 09.10.1971
25 Levy of Stamp Duty on Agreement 02.07.1997
26 Revision of Valuation Table Showing Per Marla Rate of Land for Computation of Ad-Volorem Stamp Duty in Various Urban Localities of Lahore District 26.08.2008
27 Applicability of Valuation Tables 10.08.2010
28 Implementation of Section 27-A of Stamp Act 04.10.1988
29 Preparation of Valuation Tables in Respect of Agricultural Land and Lands in Areas other than Rating Areas 13.05.1991
30 Withdrawal of Exemption of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee on Exchange of Agricultural Land 29.06.2004
31 Stamp Duty Chargeable on Gift Deed under Article 33 of Stamp Act 24.12.1991
32 Stamp Duty on Gift Deed 29.06.1994
33 The Finance Act, 1990 - Revision of the Rates of Stamp Duty under Stamp Act, 1899 02.07.1990
34 Punjab Finance Act, 1998 - Levy of Stamp Duty 01.07.1998
35 Punjab Finance Act, 2008 Imposition of Stamp Duty on Decree, Rule of a Court or an order of a Court and Transfer of Right or Interest Relation to an immovable Property 29.08.2008
36 Write Petition No. 17876 / 2005 - Case Khalid Mehmood Versus Government of the Punjab - Observance of Rules Relating to Stamp Vending 01.03.2005
37 Grant / Renew the Licence of Stamp Vendors in Accordance with Stamp Rules 01.12.1980
38 Infringement of Stamp Rules 1934 by the Stamp Vendors - Sale of Counterfeit Court Fee Stamp 15.06.1988
39 Enhancement of Monetary Limits of Judicial and Non-Judicial Stamps Held in Treasurers Custody and Deposit of Security by the Treasurers 19.08.1986
40 Recovery of Stamp Duty and Penalty on In-Sufficiently Stamped Documents 24.07.1985
41 Stamp Duty Payable on Sale Deed 20.10.1988
42 Impounding of Deficiently Stamped Instruments 18.08.2017
43 Undervaluation of Instruments 21.02.2017
44 Impounding of under Stamped Instruments by Sub Registrar 11.08.2017
45 Disciplinary Proceedings under Peeda Act, 2006 Against the Officer/Officials of Registry Branches 13.10.2014
46 Reliance upon Report of Patwari with Regard to Description, Nature and Location of immovable Property 18.08.2017
47 Maintenance of Application for Supply of Copies 28.11.1981
48 Payment of Stamp Duty on Certified Copies of Deeds issued by Registration Offices 18.12.1986
49 Observance of Rules and Instructions Regarding Issuing of Stamps 28.12.1986
50 Notification under Punjab Subsidiary Treasury Rules 13.06.2015
51 Stamp Duty on Mortgage of Punjab Small Industries Corporation N/A
52 Sultani Bainama Advice 08.11.2001
53 Validity of Notification 21.01.1991
54 Systematic Visits of Sub Registrar Offices 18.08.2017
55 Inspection of Registration Offices and Audit of Registration 23.02.1982
56 Recovery of Deficient Amount Pointed out by the Audit 26.09.2017
57 Withdrawal of Stamp Duty on Hotels 12.07.2000
58 Levy of Stamp Duty on Bill on Entry 12.07.2000
59 Levy of Stamp Duty on Letter of Credit 12.07.2000
60 Levy of Stamp Duty on Courier Services 12.07.2000
61 Remittance of Stamp Duty in Co-operative Housing Societies 06.11.2004
62 Stamp Duty on Punjab Health Foundation 31.01.2006
63 Stamp Duty on Punjab Small Industrial Corporation 27.01.2004
64 Exemption of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee on Transfer of Land in Favour of Agricultural Companies 30.07.2001
65 Exemption of Stamp Duty on the Instrument in case of Original Allotment 13.10.2017
66 Misdeclaration in Instrument about Covered Area - Enquiry by Sub-Registrar 19.09.2017
67 Certificate Regarding Urban Area 11.08.2017
68 Maintenance of Stock at Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries of Non-Postal Stamp 19.11.2005
69 Rates of Judicial Stamp, Revenue Stamp and Judicial Paper 18.11.1990
70 Break up of Property Transactions (Stamp Duty) During the Year 1999-2000 08.04.2000
71 Remission of Stamp Duty 30.04.2010
72 Remission of Stamp Duty 15.04.2010
73 Remission of Stamp Duty 04.11.2009
74 Remission of Stamp Duty 08.12.2009
75 Exemption from Stamp Duty 17.09.1988
76 Merger of Capial Gain Tax with Stamp Duty - Valuation Table 22.03.1988
77 Sale of Bogus Non-Judicial and Court Fee Stamp Paper and Stamp 19.09.2009
78 Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Feein Respect of Mortgage Deed created in Favour of National Bank of Pakistan 18.04.1990
79 Stamp Duty on Exchange of Property 15.07.1997