Punjab Land Records Authority

Monitoring Wing

The Monitoring Wing is dedicated to upholding and improving service delivery standards. Its primary mandate involves the comprehensive oversight of the staff attendance and adherence to official hours, using various tools to maintain discipline and ensuring effective service delivery to the public. This wing systematically tracks staff attendance, implement SOPs and takes corrective measures to address any violation. Its responsibilities also extend to the analysis of daily and monthly attendance data, ensuring that all officials adhere to discipline and maintain their presence to facilitate efficient service delivery to the public. Additionally,

this wing also supervises a robust complaint redressal system to handle and resolve grievances, connecting the public with the PLRA. Through rigorous monitoring, timely reporting and swift resolution of complaints, the Monitoring Wing ensures that the authority operates at its highest potential to meet the needs and expectations of the public it serves, aiming to ensure consistent and reliable performance, customer satisfaction, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Here are some key responsibilities and functions of Monitoring & Quality Assurance wing.

 Real-time Attendance: M & QA wing is responsible for real time attendance monitoring through AMS and streamlines attendance management, enhancing accuracy, and reducing administrative burden; in terms of summarizing attendance data daily, including late arrivals, leave, and absences.
 Live Monitoring: M & QA oversee live monitoring through the surveillance system for visual confirmation of attendance in addition to checking discipline and ensuring officials adhere to authority guidelines / SOPs and codes of conduct.
 Mobile Arazi Record Centre (MARC) Monitoring: M & QA wing is also responsible for MARCs monitoring through GPS and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras to check and confirm the availability of van at the designated workplace.
 Daily and Monthly Monitoring Reports: M & QA present daily & monthly reports including critical analysis, are prepared for all centers, based on daily monitoring data reports.
 Immediate Actions: M& QA take actions against violators for non-compliance of directions of authority and SOPs, issued from time to time.
 Complaints Redressal System: M & QA handle all kind of complaints involves receiving, documenting, investigating, and efficiently resolving complaints.
 E-Gardwari: M & QA is also responsible for monitoring of E-Gardawari progress throughout the Punjab.