Punjab Land Records Authority

Human Resource (HR) Wing

The HR Wing is responsible for managing the essential functions concerning the human resources at PLRA such as recruitment and selection, placement, performance management, handling payroll and benefits, leaves management, training, career progression and elevation. The PLRA HR Wing strives to recruit the best available human resources; develop and equip them with required skills and tools; gauge their performance and reward those who perform; ensure their compliance with rules/laws/SOPs and initiate disciplinary proceedings where necessary so that they can effectively and efficiently serve the public at large.

Key Responsibilities & Duties


 Recruitment & Selection: Recruitment is a key responsibility of the HR Wing which involves attracting, selecting and onboarding suitable candidates for the Authority
 Training & Development: HR Wing has a system of educating newly recruited as well as existing officers/officials which allows them to increase their knowledge and upgrade their skills hence equipping them to serve the public in an efficient and effective manner.
 Payroll and Benefits: This encompasses administration of employee salaries, benefit programs, including enrolling employees in benefit plans, processing health insurance and group insurance claims and communicating information about benefits to employees. PLRA believes in equitable and fair remuneration for everyone.
 Employee Performance Management: PLRA and HR wing focuses on effective performance management on yearly basis through Annual Assessment Reports (AARs) which ensures that the output of the employees meets the goals and objective of the Authority. PLRA has a system in place which gauges performance on the basis of KPIs.
 Progression & Elevation: PLRA believes in professional growth of employees, for this purpose PLRA has a comprehensive mechanism for progression and elevation which considers employee performance and service tenure.
 Human Resource Management System (HRMS) And Attendance Management System (AMS): The wing has a sophisticated HRMS and AMS in place to manage its various core functions such as personnel files, leaves management, leave encashment processing and attendance management of all staff.
 Employee Transfer/Posting: HR wing has a comprehensive policy which encompasses all relevant factors in transferring and posting of employees and at the same time ensures optimum staff at service centers across Punjab.
 Disciplinary Proceedings: In order to ensure compliance of rules/laws/SOPs, HR Wing initiates and follow up disciplinary proceedings where necessary.