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CLRMIS - Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are the distinguishing features of CLRMIS system?

    The manual paper-based land records are transformed into computerized data base. The right holders will be able to acquire land records related services easily from the service centers. Any transaction in revenue record will immediately be incorporated in Register Haqdaran-e-Zameen (RHZ) which will be updated at once.

    Will I be able to get my fard-e-malkiat conveniently?

    Yes, every right holder can easily obtain fard-e-malkiat and other record related services from the respective CLRMIS center, after paying specified fee.

    What will be the process of getting fard in new system?

    The right holders will have to go to the service center. The staff will search their record by their name, father/husband name, khewat number and will desire for CNIC. The service center staff will take the thumb impression through a bio-metric device and a photo. The right holder will get copy of their record within 10-15 minutes after paying the specified fee.
    User can also get Fard Braiye Malkiyet by using Online Fard.

    The Patwari can easily search out the desired record due to his personal knowledge. How will the CLRMIS system search out the records?

    CLRMIS provides the options for searching out the record by i): Name, ii): Father/Husband Name, iii): Relevant Khewat Number, iv): CNIC (if the right holder has got his CNIC incorporated in Register Haqdaran-e-Zameen).

    What will be the process of mutation?

    Will the mutation fee be deposited to the bank through service center staff?

    The service center staff will not collect the mutation fee yet they will provide computer generated challan for payment of applicable government dues in the bank.

    How much time will be required for mutation of inheritance?

    The right holders will be given a date for next visit to service center within next 15 days after the registration of their request for mutation, in order to get their mutation decided.

    How will the right holders identify the piece of land for which they would have requested for particular service (fard/mutation) as majority of land owners do not know their khewat numbers; whereas currently this situation is tackled with the help of patwari and the village map (masawi)?

    The scanned images of village maps (masawi) are available in the database in the service center in order to identify the piece of land. At the same time all records will also be available with patwari and any one can take his help before approaching service center.

    Can the buyer and seller contact the patwari for getting fard or mutation?

    Issuance of fard and recording of mutation in a village after its digitization, shall be exclusively available through Arazi Record Centers or third party service providers as notified by Authority from time to time. Visit to Patwari is not required.

    Can a mutation be decided without witnesses?

    All the mutation will be attested in presence of both parties (buyer and seller) as well as witnesses

    Majority of right holders/villagers are illiterate therefore getting such automated/sophisticated services will be difficult for them.

    The CLRMIS is user friendly system. The staff over there will be well qualified very cooperative and will guide the right holder in case of any difficulty.

    Will the staff at service center be visiting country side like patwaris?

    Unlike patwaris, the service center staff does not have to go to field visits and will remain available at service center during working hours on every working day; whereas the ex-revenue staff will keep on performing the field duties.

    Will signature from Patwari be required on fard-e-malkiat for registration of a transaction?

    Signature from Patwari will not be required on fard-e-malkiat for registration of any transaction.

    Who will issue the pass book?

    The pass book will be prepared by the patwari and verified from the service center.