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The World Bank - Doing Business Report Pakistan, 2019 (Click here to download Report 2019, Report 2018, Report 2017)

Government of the Punjab, under the umbrella of Job & competitiveness (J&C) Program is emphasizing on reforms for ease of doing business in the province. The program is designed to implement reforms across all indicators in order to improve the business environment for foreign investments, women empowerment and reduction of cost associated to all procedure as well the duration by automation and computerization of procedure. Another important milestone under this program is collaboration between different departments.

    Pakistan is also one of the 70 economies that uses doing business indicator as one input to inform their program for improving the business environment – Page 29 (Doing Business 2019)

Registering Property is one of Doing Business indicator and Punjab Land Records Authority is working to improve the Doing Business ranking in property registration of Punjab province. Property registration project’s main objective is to reduce Number of Procedure to complete a property registration, total cost incurred on property registration, time taken to complete a property registration and to improve Quality of Land Index.

    Pakistan is also one of the 46 economies, implemented regularity reforms making it easier to do business in three or more of the 10 topics included in this year’s aggregate ease of doing business – Page 131 (Doing Business 2019).

In previous 2017-18, with in the sphere of Property registration project Punjab Land Records Authority achieved the milestone of reduction of total number of days to 25, total Procedures 6 instead of 7 and establishing an independent & specific complaint management system. More than 30,000 queries has been entertained in last seven months, 10,000 complaints resolved the dedicated team.

More than 50 percent of Old registries scanning completed and made publicly available on registration of deed portal. Launch of “Digital-PLRA” is also another milestone of following year, App feature that worth mentioning are land records of land owner, registries data of registered deeds, tax calculator, fee schedule of latest year.

    Pakistan (Lahore) made registering property easier by streamlining and automating administrative procedures, and by increasing the transparency of its land administration system. Page 104 (Doing Business Pakistan profile 2019).

According to Doing Business 2019 report overall Distance to frontier – DTF increased to 66.38 and Lahore is positioned second in the comparator economies after china. Registration property overall position increased 9 points from 170 (in Doing Business 2018) to 161 (In Doing Business 2019). These scores are simple average of the score for each component indicators including procedure, time, cost and quality of land administration.

Future Reforms:
  • Banks Access to Land Records for loan Purposes
  • Online Fard Issuance
  • Payment of Stamp duty online
  • Reduction of total number of days to 11 and procedure to 4