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Project Components

The approach followed in the design of the proposed five-year Project encompasses four main actions:

  1. Setting the foundations with the objective of generating and strengthening the capacity of the responsible entities to effectively manage and administer the modernized land records system
  2. Developing and deploying an automated land records system (LRMIS) and performing all other pre-service delivery tasks
  3. Provision of services to the population – with the objective of managing, operating, making accessible land-related information – and incorporating feedback from stakeholders in further elaboration of the system
  4. Monitoring the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

The components identified and described below follow this approach and sequencing

  1. Component 1:Business Process Improvement and Institutional Capacity Enhancement
  2. Component 2:Development, Enhancement and Deployment of the LRMIS
  3. Component 3:Service Delivery and Information Campaigns
  4. Component 4:Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation